Safer Flea & Tick Prevention

Bug season is here! Start protecting your pet now with safer, more-natural flea and tick products.

There are a variety of products used to lower a dog’s risk of exposure to ticks and some can be very toxic. Isoxazolines (Bravecto, Bravecto Plus, Nexgard, Simparica, Simparica Trio, Credelio, Revolution Plus), the most popular, are the most dangerous. Isoxazolines pose a potential for neurological damage and reactions include muscle tremors, impaired movement, incontinence, organ failure, personality changes and seizures.

When you poison fleas and ticks, you also poison the host… your dog!

Practicing natural flea and tick prevention for your dog can be challenging. I hope the resources and recommendations listed below help you make the best decision possible to safely guard against fleas and ticks for your beloved dog.

* If you’re wondering which products I’m using here at home for the furry ones, I’m currently adding Springtime Bug Off Garlic Granules to meals daily as well as spritzing on Wondercide before walks in long grass or near woods. We’re not in the thick of tick season yet, but have yet to see any. I plan to supplement with Bug Off Garlic year-round, as garlic is healthy for pets, despite the belief that garlic is toxic; and for the reason that ticks survive the winter in a variety of ways and do not go away just because it is cold. In fact, I’m taking Springtime Garlic as well to deter ticks and bugs.

While there are natural remedies and methods you may want to try, this information in any form is not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a veterinarian or medical professional. Please see disclaimer here. Note that some of the links are affiliate links.


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