Jade & Karma Newsletter Summer 2020

jade and karma newsletter
jade and karma newsletter


Your votes made us a FINALIST in this year’s Hunterdon Happening List: Best Pet Walker or Sitter!!! http://hunterdon.happeningmag.com/happeninglist/2020-pets-pet-walker-or-sitter/


Paul McCartney said that he added a frequency only dogs can hear to the end of the Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’.


Nutrition is the key to the healthiest, happiest and longest life possible. Your pet is unique and needs a diet that is designed just for them. Without the proper diet, anything you do to try to help them will be a temporary fix. Many supplements can even be eliminated or reduced when you know the correct core diet for your pet. Muscle testing is the key to determining exactly what that best diet is. This approach looks at your animal on a personalized level including a Traditional Chinese Medicine view. Items to be assessed: grains, proteins, diet type (raw, cooked, freeze-dried or canned), allergies and supplements. Consultations can be done at home or by distance with a photo.


  • Avoid hot pavement on walks
  • Limit outdoor time on hot days
  • Exercise in early AM or late PM
  • All dogs overheat quickly, but especially flat-faced breeds
  • Never leave unattended in a car
  • Provide clean, fresh water daily
  • Protect ear tips and bridge of the nose from sunburn
  • Keep pets clear of areas sprayed with insecticide and herbicide
  • Secure pets during times of thunderstorms and fireworks
  • During parties, ask guests to refrain from feeding pets
  • Always supervise pets with access to a swimming pool


As difficult as this pandemic is for people, it is equally as stressing and confusing for animals. They feel our fears and anxieties by being so close to us, and can absorb those energies. They do not understand social distancing, and the inability to read faces because of masks is unnatural for them. Here are some things you can do to help them:

  • Maintain their routines as best you can for normalcy.
  • If wearing a mask, talk to them and soothe them with your voice. Skip non-critical vet visits if you are not allowed into the building along with your pet, this can be traumatic for them.
  • Be aware of the disinfectants and cleaning products you are using, toxic vs. non-toxic, as animals are much more sensitive than we are, always turn on a fan or open a window. Also be cognizant of where you apply these products, pets can easily pick up these chemicals on their paws and ingest by licking.
  • Changes to their normalcy can cause digestive upset; consider adding probiotics and digestive enzymes to their diet.
  • Stay grounded and maintain a strong immune system yourself.


Animals experience imbalance and negative emotions just as we do. Keep a natural remedy on hand for the next time they exhibit distress: