Jade & Karma Newsletter Summer 2021

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It’s tick time again and the search for the best preventative continues!

Check out these informative videos from Dr. Becker –
How tick & flea meds work:
Fleas, ticks and allergies:

There’s much controversy regarding chemicals vs. naturals, and you have to find the best fit for you, but if you’re currently using a product that you wouldn’t dare put on your own skin or the skin of your children, please opt for a more natural option and here’s a list I’ve compiled to help you in your search:

Essential Oil Products:
AnimalEO Evict
Ark Naturals
Tick Hex

Natural Collar and Tag Deterrents:
Amber Crown collar
Ambertick collar
Pet Protector tag
Bug Zone tag
Easy Defense tag
Easy Defense collar
Earth Animal collar
Earth Animal topical
Natural Care collar

Cistus Incanus
Innovet BioPel
Bug Off Garlic Chewable
Earth Animal Nature’s Protection Powder
Earth Animal Nature’s Protection Drops
Flea Free Animals

Organic Landscape Tick Control:
Tick Tackler
Tri Organics

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