Jade & Karma Newsletter Winter 2021

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It’s pet dental month, so let’s talk oral hygiene >>

With so many pets getting their teeth professionally cleaned and having to go under anesthesia, let’s talk holistic. Nutrition is #1- remove starches, grains, and sugars. Dogs and cats lack amylase in their saliva that helps to break down starch- which in turn gets stuck on teeth and grows into tartar. Offering a whole raw meaty bone is nature’s toothbrush; the gnawing and chewing cleans the teeth and gums. If your beloved must go under anesthesia, make use of natural remedies to complement their healing such as homeopathic Arnica, Hypericum, Ruta, and Phosphorus.

New Blog Post >>

Feeding only one protein to your dog or cat for the entirety of their life may negatively impact their health. A rotating protein diet provides more of the necessary minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fats that they require leading to a more complete nutrient balance, plus many more benefits. Read more on the blog

To kibble or not to kibble? The question that causes a great deal of controversy among pet owners, veterinarians, breeders, and pet food companies. When you have a better understanding about kibble, you can make more informed decisions for your dog. Read more at Volhard Dog Nutrition

Product Spotlight >>

The live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in Longevity dog supplement contribute to healthy joints, skin, digestion, and a powerful immune system. Longevity is made from powerful natural ingredients to support a normal detoxification process in your dog, including bee pollen, spirulina, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, vitamin C, glucosamine, and more. Read more at Springtime

During the colder weather, the humidity in the air drops significantly which can easily cause dehydration in your canine or feline companion. Keep an eye on their overall water intake. Tip: Add extra warm water/broth to meals.

Product Spotlight >>

Dogs thrive on a healthy diet high in omega-3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA.
EPA is an anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation due to arthritis and allergies. DHA supports the central nervous system, brain and retina. Fish oil reduces the risk of cancer, kidney failure and heart disease as well as many other health benefits. Fish oils nourish your pet’s skin to relieve itching, paw licking and dryness while nurturing a soft, silky coat. Read more at Iceland Pure


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