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Jade & Karma Newsletter Winter 2019

DOG FOOD RECALLS & REVIEWS: DogFoodAdvisor.com provides unbiased dog food reviews, advice and recall alerts. DogFoodInsider.com provides unbiased dog food, supplement and product reviews. PetFoodRatings.org is a reference service for dog food and cat food. DogFood.guru provides unbiased information about each dog food brand on the market. VetNutrition.Tufts.edu/PetFoodology is a clinical nutrition service offering assistance…
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This Is Why You Should Wash Your Pet’s Bowls Daily

My hands touch a lot of bowls every day. Dog bowls. Cat Bowls. Stainless steel bowls. Plastic bowls. My pet’s bowls. My client’s bowls. At home with my own furry gang, bowl sanitization is at the top of my list. My personal rule of thumb is to treat my pet’s bowls as I do my own…
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