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Jade & Karma Newsletter Winter 2019

DOG FOOD RECALLS & REVIEWS: DogFoodAdvisor.com provides unbiased dog food reviews, advice and recall alerts. DogFoodInsider.com provides unbiased dog food, supplement and product reviews. PetFoodRatings.org is a reference service for dog food and cat food. DogFood.guru provides unbiased information about each dog food brand on the market. VetNutrition.Tufts.edu/PetFoodology is a clinical nutrition service offering assistance…
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Jade & Karma Newsletter Summer 2019

NON-TOXIC SOLUTIONS FOR TICK SEASON: Pets need protection, but most prescription and over-the-counter treatments are laden with chemicals that are toxic to their health ⏤ and yours. All of the “active” ingredients in spot-on products ⏤ imidacloprid, fipronil, permethrin, methoprene and pyriproxyfen ⏤ have been linked to serious health effects. The EPA has found that the…
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