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Safer Flea & Tick Prevention

Bug season is here! Start protecting your pet now with safer, more-natural flea and tick products. There are a variety of products used to lower a dog’s risk of exposure to ticks and some can be very toxic. Isoxazolines (Bravecto, Bravecto Plus, Nexgard, Simparica, Simparica Trio, Credelio, Revolution Plus), the most popular, are the most…
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Benefits of protein rotation for your dog or cat

{ BENEFITS OF PROTEIN ROTATION FOR YOUR DOG OR CAT } More complete nutrient balance: No single protein source provides all the amino acids a dog or cat needs. By consistently rotating different protein sources, you can help make sure they are getting the most complete amino acid profile. Lower risk of developing food allergies:…
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This Is Why You Should Wash Your Pet’s Bowls Daily

My hands touch a lot of bowls every day. Dog bowls. Cat Bowls. Stainless steel bowls. Plastic bowls. My pet’s bowls. My client’s bowls. At home with my own furry gang, bowl sanitization is at the top of my list. My personal rule of thumb is to treat my pet’s bowls as I do my own…
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