When we drop off our dog to be with Melissa for overnight boarding, we never have to worry about his safety or loving attention. She has been a true gift of knowledge to our family, and is a total professional. Her extensive background and certifications with dogs is coupled with her wonderful, loving personality.

Susan | Whitehouse Station

We are so thankful to have Jade & Karma dog walking and pet sitting services in our area! Melissa has been there for our dogs through surgery, illness, and during my hospital stay when I gave birth to my daughter. She is not only reliable and dependable, but has a true heart for animals and their families alike! We cannot recommend Melissa highly enough!

Marlana | Whitehouse Station

Excellent pet sitting and dog walking. We trust Jade & Karma with all of our pet needs.

Jacquelyn | Whitehouse Station

We can’t even begin to explain how great Jade & Karma is!! They have been an absolute life saver for our family!! Both of our dogs actually look forward to their weekend “getaways” and their daily walks! We never have to worry that our pups aren’t being treated with love. Thank you again for treating Gizmo and Godiva with the utmost care and love!

Mary | Flemington

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